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Y.T Crypto Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
173 Asia Centre Building, 27th Floor wework #27-111 , South Sathorn Rd.
Thungmahamek Sathorn Bangkok 10120 Thailand
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+66 2-821-5885

EFOOD MarketsĀ  contributes to the future of the earth and the present society through food.

“Food” is the source of life,We have created EFOOD Markets in order to share the challenges that everyone will work for the future.

A food industry coin of the future that will respond to ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) and the “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” adopted by the United Nations, solve world food issue and contribute to social contribution.

About EFood Markets https://efood-markets.com/

You can purchase valuable products overseas.
Efood Markets sells valuable overseas products.

EFoodCoin is a public Ethereum-based financial technology for use in mainstream digital wallets and Foood Innovation.

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